Donations needed for county meet

Hi swimmers and families,

We need your assistance with donations for the upcoming county meet next Thursday, January 5th. Our team is responsible for the concession stand, we need to provide all food, drinks and snacks but in return our team gets to keep all of the proceeds. This is where you all come in. Please pick one of the items listed on the county meet donations link, anything that is donated = our team not having to purchase that specific item.

Please plan to sign up and drop off donations to Jen Mikels no later than Tuesday, January 3rd at 915 Briars Bend (Alpharetta). If you are unable to drop off your items by Jan 3rd please text Jen at 404-435-8005 and we will arrange to pick up the item. We do need to know what we have by January 3rd so we can purchase the additional items on January 4th in preparation for the concession stand on the 5th.

Thanks all.

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